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Welcome to my photo page. This page is a little showcase for my photography. It is likely to contain some fairly large photographs, if you have a slow connection don't click on the thumbnails.

tinkerThis is a picture of one of my three cats, Tinker, who is no longer with us. She was eleven when she died in a road accident. The photo was taken one Christmas, cats love playing with wrapping paper, so we made her a little hat.
bobbieThis is one of my other three cats, bobbie. She was born at the same time as tinker, in the same litter.

Died 18th February 2003.

sandySandy - died April 2001
sandy and tinkerSandy and Tinker together
NCR LeedsThis is a picture of NCR's Leeds office where I worked until 18th December 2003.
HelicopterA picture of a helicopter at the Manchester Airshow (Barton)
My CarA picture of my old old old car
My VectraA picture of my old old car
My LancerA picture of my previous car
My Focus STA picture of my current car
My Dream CarA picture of my next car!
Picture of LochlomondA picture of Lochlomond in Scotland
Picture of My sister at in Sydney AustraliaPicture of My sister in Sydney Australia

The photos on this page are my own work, do not use them for any purpose without my permission. To contact me, email (remove the invalid bit) StevePotts.

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